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        to our practice where we are dedicated to the art and science of cosmtic dentistry. Whether you are new to the area or have been here for many years it is always difficult to decide on a new dentist.

        Since 1990, Dr. Kotev and staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality dental care for patients in a gentle, caring and relaxed environment.

        Our office maintains state-of -the-art equipment, with top quality materials and highly trained staff. Our mission is to educate you on achieving healthy teeth and gum for a lifetime of smiles, while doing so in a caring and compassionate manner. We use the technology of today to create better smiles for tomorrow.

        While you are visiting our dental office, we will use the latest in cosmetic dentistry to get you an outstanding smile. Our doctors know your smile is important to your everyday lifestyle. That is why we belive that healthy teeth and gums are just the beginning to a lifetime full of dazzling smiles.

        Our practice includes services in general, cosmetic, restorative, and reconstructive dentistry. The practice is also committed to delivering quality dental services to those in need of pediatric and adolescent dental care.

        First impressions are important. A healty attractive smile can boost your confidence and enhance your personal and professional life. All of our procedures are gentle, and done with skilled staff. Now more than ever, you can transform your smile easily and painlessly in just a few visits! To find out how you can look younger make the call that will change your life today.

        At dental office Kotev Ane DMD everyone gets the smile of their dreams, all with the latest techniques and technology in the most comfortable, soothing replica rolex submariner environment possible. Nervous patients can let go of fears and get several years worth of work done in just few visits.

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